Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit Questions (5-10)


What did Mildred tell Montag when he asked if she had seen Clarisse?

A) Clarisse had been placed in an insane asylum because she was antisocial.

B) Clarisse and her whole family had been arrested by the police last night.

C) She heard Clarisse and her family had moved back to Chicago.

D) She was pretty sure Clarisse had been run over by a car and was dead.


Which word does not describe Clarisse?

A) thoughtful

B) talkative

C) curious

D) conforming


According to Beatty, what precipitated the banning of books?

A) Writers wrote books so complex that no one could understand them.

B) It resulted from technology, mass exploitation, and minority pressure.

C) Politicians wanted to control which ideas reached the public.

D) Government censorship increased until books themselves were made illegal.


According to Beatty, how could leaders keep people happy?

A) Make them feel that they are valued because they are unique.

B) Cram them full of “facts,” so they feel they’re thinking.

C) Get them to work together on a common goal.

D) Give them interesting work and meaningful leisure pursuits.


One of Montag’s books might be the last copy of _____ in the country.

A) Shakespeare's works

B) Plato's Republic

C) The Bible

D) The Constitution


Montag’s fire hose sprayed

A) gasoline

B) diesel fuel

C) kerosene

D) oil

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5. D) She was pretty sure Clarisse had been run over by a car and was dead.

6. D) conforming

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