Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit Questions (11-20)


Montag’s encounter with his new next-door neighbor was refreshing.

A) thought-provoking

B) puzzling

C) all of these


Montag’s wife tried to do all of the following except

A) commit suicide.

B) get a fourth wall TV.

C) tell Beatty about the book.

D) talk to Mrs. Phelps about her problems.


Why did Montag go to see Faber?

A) He wanted Faber to teach him to understand what he read.

B) He asked Faber to help him escape from town

C) He warned Faber that Beatty was coming to burn his home.

D) He wanted to exchange books with him.


Which was NOT one of the three things Faber said were missing?

A) Leisure to digest the information.

B) People willing to discuss ideas and information.

C) The right to carry out actions based on what we learn.

D) Quality of information.


The Mechanical Hound injected its victims with

A) Novocain

B) procaine

C) protein

D) amino acids


Before Montag left Faber’s apartment, Faber gave him a...

A) substitute book to turn in to Beatty, so they could keep the other book.

B) green listening and transmitting device that fit inside his ear.

C) list of old actors and professors who might be able to help him.

D) pocket tape recorder and a tape of several of Shakespeare’s sonnets.


Faber was a retired

A) inventor

B) historian

C) scientist

D) English professor


So Mildred wouldn’t burn them, Montag hid the remaining books...

A) in the bushes.

B) under the back porch.

C) in the neighbor's garage.

D) at the fire station.


Montag returned to work, the first alarm they answered was for...

A) Montag's house

B) Clarisse's house.

C) Beatty's house.

D) Faber's house.


The books at Montag’s house were reported by...

A) Mildred.

B) Mrs. Phelps.

C) Mrs. Bowles.

D) All of these.

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11. c

12. d