Fahrenheit 451

Do you think it is possible for a society to exist like in Fahrenheit 451?

I think that maybe, after many years of work and change, we could have a society similar to that in the novel. If people were raised their whole lives being told not to question anything, society could potentially start to shift in that direction. However, I also think that there would be some people, who either had been raised differently or gone through some sort of life- altering experience, that would differ from everyone else. such as Faber, Clarisse, and Montag

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I think we are already headed in that direction. We don't know what the government doesn't want us to know, and if we do know it, they make sure we don't spread the word. The media treats us like idiots, only telling us enough useless information to make us think we are gaining knowledge, while completely keeping the real truth from us. They put a posativie "spin" on war so that we won't oppose. How many people are murdered in year? how many of those make the news? almost all of them. how many men die in war in a year? how many of those make the news? hardly any of them. "They never die from war. Falling off a bridge or something, yeah, but never from war." Just like the book. The media wants us to believe we know everything, but when you do your research, we know nothing. We know what they want us to know. Other than the few radical thinkers who actually take the time to think for themselves, noone stops to question anymore. We all just take their word for it and go through our lives "happy" and "comfortable". Think about it. Go google "America: Freedom to Fascism" and watch the full length documentary. It'll show you how seldomly we question our government, and how far we get when we do.