Fahrenheit 451

Do the details and the setting support and enrich the story line?

What details support the support

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Certainly the setting does. The book is a dystopia where freedom of knowledge is curtailed. There is hence little depth of thought or new ideas from the general population. The tone ad mood is rather depressing if not filled with apathy. We see this in Mildred and her friends as well as Montag. Burning books becomes the metaphor for the burning of thoughtful civilization.

The setting and details provided by Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451, give the reader the perfect backdrop and view of the dystopian elements in the story line. Bradbury's futuristic setting (yes, the now historical 90's), is filled with technology that at the time was no more than a dream (I think he had prophetic dreams).

Bradbury uses these details (atomic war, huge TV screens, ear buds, and fast cars) to enrich the story and explain how society had become so cold and gone so wrong. Mass media, addiction to technology, reality TV (Mildred believes actors to be her real family), and on and on. Unfortunately, technology serves to destroy community and ends badly (fire bombings). Bradbury used detail and imagination to look forward, and he wasn't too far off. Look at his details....... do you recognize them?