Fahrenheit 451

Describe Clarisse's uncle.

One of the questions my teacher has assigned us is to describe Clarrise's Uncle, both physically and mentally. I have not been able to find this in the book. Can someone help me? Thank you.

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Clairsse McClellan's uncle is not described physically in the novel. Because of the way Clairsse talks about him, we do know that he was educated, and he had ideas that could have only come from reading books and thinking independently, free from the society's strict borders. Guy Montag is always interested when he listens to Clairsse speak about her uncle, and this shows that some of her uncle rubbed off on her. Through Clairsse's uncle sharing his knowledge of life "outside the box" with her, Clairsse was now able to share what she knew, and thought about with Montag. Montag tryed to share this too, by talking to Mildred, but she was not as interested in the McClellan girl. The Uncle does not appear in the novel himself, but he does have a great effect on the novel because through Clairsse, he helps open Montag's eyes to the life that Montag is living, and how to change it.

your right, Clairesse's uncle was not described phisically in the novel. I picture him sort of like the homeless guys in the end of the novel. Clean yet some how a little messy as well, caught up within their thoughts. The uncle was a freethinking man, he went against the rules of the society. He also influenced the people aroud him, his famliy, especially Clairesse. Who in turn influenced Guy Montag. As a reader i feel that Clairesse and her uncle were very similar, i think this because the things Clairesse tells Montag about what her uncle all seem like actions Clairesse herself would do. Hope this helps!

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