Fahrenheit 451


we have 2 write a letter 2 bradbury about his book 4 a contest, and it sucks! lol

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what kind of contest?

Well if I were you i would just write to him about a part of the book that enjoyed* the most, or some parts that i thought were confusing and wanted clarification on. For instance if I were to write Ray Bradbury I would talk about the question that Clarisse asks Montag: "are you happy?" Or i would possibly tell him about my thought on the Montags character and why i thought he was such a dinamic character. By the way im not telling you to totally copy these, im just giving you some ideas, that you can take and make your own by twisting them. Also, cheer up about the compitition, it sounds awesome to be able to write to Ray Bradbury, who is in my opinion an amazing author.

I would write to Bradbury about questions that you came across while you were reading the book. For instance the parts that you didn't understand, that you want an explanation for. It is best to ask the author what he meant rather then somebody else. He will tell you exactly what he was trying to say...This book was not written recently and some of the technology in the book is similar to the new technology we have today. You could ask him where he got his thoughts on how technology would exist in the future.You could ask him what his purpose was in writing the book. The book is very furtureistic. Why did Bradbury decide to write about what the future would look like? The main plot point of the novel is firefighters burning books. You could ask him why he chose to have books be burned? Today books are a source of knowledge, so i guess he assumed in the future it would be the opposite. There are so many questions you can ask Bradbury. Think about the book and what confused you. Lastly tell Bradbury what you did and didn't like. I am sure he would love to here of your thoughts on his book.

2) If I had to write to Bradbury I would probably do as Ally said and ask him about the parts of the novel I didn’t understand or about the parts that didn’t quite make total sense to me. By asking him about those parts you might be able to get a better sense of the novel, if he writes back. I would probably also ask about why he took Clarisse out of the novel so early if she was such an influential character to Montag. You could also ask him about why he decided to go into the future with technology. Another question you could ask would be if that was what he thought the future was going to look like in his mind or if it was the future that he was hoping that would never happen. There are so many questions you could ask Bradbury and if you can’t think of you could always tell him what you did and did not like about the novel. I hoped this helped!