Fahrenheit 451

Compare the life-style in the novel with our life-style.


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Much like the novel, we are in an age of disposable emotion, disposable items and disposable relationships. If people are dissatisfied with whatever they have, including relationships, it is easier to find something new than work with what you had. Instead of reading books of substance, many people prefer to text, play video games, or watch mind numbing tv shows. Of course we have not reached the dystopian levels of the book but I think we are heading that way. 

but like what are similarties from our life-style to Montag's life-style?


They are pretty much what I described in my first answer. Relationships today are often disposable and superficial like the ones in the book. We do not hang on to old things: replacing them is the new mantra of today's society. Instead of reading books, many of us prefer to text, watch TV....Consider Mildred's obsession with her wall screen TV. Mildred would care less about reading works of literature.