Fahrenheit 451

Can you answer this questions about Fahrenheit 451 for me?

Montag says Clarisse was innocent – is she innocent? What actions has she done?

2. What is fire? What different representations (symbolism) does it have?

3. How does Montag cope with the murder he has committed (hands)?

4. Why does Montag say “Beatty wanted to die”? Did he want to die?

5. Why does Montag think of Faber on page 159?

6. How does Montag react to the declaration of war? Why do you think he reacts like this?

7. Why did the beetle swerve to avoid Montag?

8. What does Montag do to M. Black? Why? Page 167

9. “So thy must have their game out, thought Montag. The circus must go on, even with the war beginning witting the hour…”. Explain this quotation. What does it tell us about the media?

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8) Montag threatens to kill Black and Stoneman when they approach him after he burns Beatty. Later, while running from the authorities Montag plants a book in Black's house. It is presumed Black and Stonemen are killed when the city is destroyed.