Fahrenheit 451

As a result of a time machine, Huck Finn, Guy Montag, and Romeo land in the same high school. Create a dialogue between these 3 characters discussing their beliefs in freedom, love and family.

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Okay consider something like,

Lunch time at Time Warp High

Cafeteria all sitting together. Montag stares longingly at his Shakespeare text.

Montag- Man I love books. I could just read and read until I puke.

Huck-Awe readin ain't but no fun. This place can't hold me in none more. Is there a river in this town?

Romeo- Prithy, I am not free until I am with the fair Juliet.

Huck- Awe not her again, that's all you talk bout...

Montag- Freedom is in words.

Romeo- Look Montag, I was one of the 1% of the population who could read and it was over-rated.

Montag- If I recall from my new text book, you wouldn't have met that girl if you couldn't read the party invite.

Huck- awe stop your bickering yer like a couple of old hens. No I got to break out of this place. Its like back at Widow Douglas's place. I need freedom...

Hope that helped a bit.

Wow, that's a strange question. They are such different characters. One is from a dystopian future, the other a Shakespearean tragedy and finally one from a post-slavery old American South. Does Montag need to be a teenager?

Yes, he does, the question was asked because i read all three of these books. The point was to talk about freedom, family and love. Like Huck having a bad father. Romeo dying for love etc. Thanks so much for the help!

thank you so much