Fahrenheit 451

a few questions

1.) What was Montag willing to do to convince Faber to help carry out the plan?

2.) What had Faber designed that allowed him to be in constant contact with Montag?

3.) Why did Montag burn the book of poetry in the wall incinerator in his home?

4.) Where did Montag hide his books after the ladies left?

5.) What was the destination of the alarm on the night Montag returned to work at the firehouse?

6.) How did the fireman know which houses had books?

7.) What was Montag afraid Captain Beatty would discover when he came to visit?

Help Please! !

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These are too many questions for one entry. I'll take your first one though,

Montag threatens to destroy the Bible page by page until Faber cooperated.

Heres to #5.

The Destination of the alarm on the night Montag returned to work was his own house.



#2 is that Faber designed an ear-piece to where Montag and Faber could listen and speak to each other