Fahrenheit 451

1.True or False:Montag is extremely angry with Mildred for forcing him to burn down their home. A.True B.False

2.True or False: When Montag threatens Beatty with the flamethrower, Beatty please for his life and uses literary quotes to justify why his life should be spared.


3.True of False: The people in this society (as portrayed in the novel) are righteously more concerned with something that has real meaning and could have a serious impact on people and their safety (the war), than something that's entertaining (the chase for fugitive montag).


4.Technology helps montag in all of the following ways, EXCEPT:

A. Technology helps Montag as he flees toward the river by keeping him updates on the chase and it's progress.

B.Technology Aids the success of Montag's escape attempt, because he uses radio communication from his loyal supporters to acquire a specific route
to evade his pursuers.

C. By listening to his radio, Monatg is able to learn how far ahead of his would-be captors he is and maneuver accordingly.

D.By Looking into hones to watch reports of the pursuit on television, he was able to develop strategies that the authorities want to catch him.

5.Which of these can be inferred as incorrect as to why the authorities target and kill certain individuals?

A.To Protect the rest of the society from anyone who presents a huge threat to people's safety.

B.To Reinforce the idea that no one can break the law and avoid punishment.

C.To Provide a satisfying conclusion for the for citizens who are watching manhunts for entertainment.

D.To Demonstrate that they have tremendous value for maintaining order in their society

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Montag is not extremely angry with Mildred, he stares in disbelief as she leaves their home with a suitcase and realizes she put in the alarm, but no, anger does not seem to be a part of his reaction.

Montag started to speak twice and then finally managed to put his thought together. "Was it my wife turned in the alarm?" Beatty nodded. "But her friends turned in an alarm earlier, that I let ride.

Please list your questions separately.


Fahrenheit 451