Fahrenheit 451

1.Guy Montag always carries with him

1.Guy Montag always carries with him

Choose one answer. a. his identification.

b. a feeling of confusion.

c. the smell of kerosene.

..Question 2

Marks: --/1 When we first meet Clarisse she is

Choose one answer. a. confused and considering suicide.

b. happy and curious about life.

c. nearly run over by a speeding beetle.

..Question 3

Marks: --/1 The significance of the title Fahrenheit 451 is

Choose one answer. a. that it is the temperature at which paper ignites.

b. that it is the maximum temperature of most ovens.

c. indicates the paradoxical nature of the book.

..Question 4

Marks: --/1 Clarisse is most influenced by her

Choose one answer. a. Montag.

b. uncle.

c. school.

..Question 5

Marks: --/1 Montag's father was

Choose one answer. a. a fireman.

b. an English professor.

c. a mathematician.

..Question 6

Marks: --/1 What animal does Bradbury use to describe the stomach pump/blood replacement machine used on Mildred?

Choose one answer. a. Snake

b. Hound

c. Salamander.

..Question 7

Marks: --/1 Which woman cries when Montag reads poetry?

Choose one answer. a. Mrs. Bowles

b. Mildred

c. Mrs. Phelps

..Question 8

Marks: --/1 How does Mildred claim Clarisse was killed?

Choose one answer. a. By the Hound.

b. By a drug overdose.

c. By a car.

..Question 9

Marks: --/1 How many legs does the Hound have?

Choose one answer. a. 4

b. 8

c. 6

..Question 10

Marks: --/1 What position did Faber hold before he retired?

Choose one answer. a. professor of English

b. professor of history

c. librarian

..Question 11

Marks: --/1 Which of the following does not describe the society in the novel.

Choose one answer. a. Technology is often harmful.

b. Creative thought is usually encouraged.

c. Children are seldom valued.

..Question 12

Marks: --/1 Beatty claims that the way to make people happy is

Choose one answer. a. to give people what they want.

b. to give them meaningful work.

c. love and compassion.

..Question 13

Marks: --/1 The book of the Bible that Montag "becomes" is

Choose one answer. a. Ecclesiastes.

b. Psalms.

c. Proverbs.

..Question 14

Marks: --/1 Montag escapes the city

Choose one answer. a. by the river.

b. in a beetle.

c. along the railroad tracks.

..Question 15

Marks: --/1 It is a bad idea to be a pedestrian in Montag's city because

Choose one answer. a. it is illegal.

b. they become "targets."

c. there are no sidewalks.

..Question 16

Marks: --/1 The authorities kill another man in place of Montag

Choose one answer. a. by mistake.

b. to appease the mechanical hound.

c. to save face.

..Question 17

Marks: --/1 Montag must burn his own house after he is reported by

Choose one answer. a. Mildred

b. Beatty

c. Clarisse

..Question 18

Marks: --/1 Mildred and her friends base their vote for the president on

Choose one answer. a. his looks.

b. their husbands' decisions.

c. his political platform.

..Question 19

Marks: --/1 A fireman's symbol is

Choose one answer. a. an eagle.

b. a coiled snake.

c. a salamander.

..Question 20

Marks: --/1 Clarisse tells Montag that she has a reputation at her school of being

Choose one answer. a. anti-social.

b. popular.

c. creative.

..Question 21

Marks: --/1 Montag has seen Faber before the meeting at his home.

Answer: True False ..Question 22

Marks: --/1 "The Python" is the name, which identifies the fire truck.

Answer: True False ..Question 23

Marks: --/1 Periodic nuclear war occurs in Montag's world.

Answer: True False ..Question 24

Marks: --/1 Faber insists on helping Montag.

Answer: True False ..Question 25

Marks: --/1 Montag kills Beatty in order to protect Faber's identity.

Answer: True False ..Question 26

Marks: --/1 Beatty sends the Mechanical Hound to Montag's house to warn him to get rid of the books.

Answer: True False ..Question 27

Marks: --/1 Mildred appreciates the deep meaning of the shows on the parlor television

Answer: True False ..Question 28

Marks: --/1 Mrs. Bowles and Mrs. Phelps are two of the characters on Mildred's favorite show.

Answer: True False ..Question 29

Marks: --/1 Clarisse is jailed by the authorities for her beliefs.

Answer: True False ..Question 30

Marks: --/1 Beatty really wants Montag to kill him.

Answer: True False ..Question 31

Marks: --/1 Beatty's father and grandfather were firemen.

Answer: True False ..Question 32

Marks: --/1 Granger believes that society can be rebuilt through books.

Answer: True False ..Question 33

Marks: --/1 Montag smiles all the time because he loves his job.

Answer: True False ..Question 34

Marks: --/1 All books are illegal in Montag's world.

Answer: True False ..Question 35

Marks: --/1 Mildred knows that she is lonely and unhappy.

Answer: True False .

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1) C. The smell of kerosene

2) happy and curious about life.

3) A

4) B Uncle

5) A. a fireman

6) A. Snake

These questions are so closely put together they make me dizzy!

7) Mrs. Phelps

8) by a car

9) B- 8

10) A- Proff. of English