Fahrenheit 451

17. Why had the search veered inland?

"Part Three: Burning Bright"

18. Who died in Montag's place?

19. What did Granger mean by saying "'Welcome back from the dead'" to Montag?

20. When a person from Granger's crowd is stopped by a city person, why isn't there anything on his personhood to incriminate himself?

21. Yes or No: Might a different chapter live in a different town?

22. Millie's ineptitude with her hands was compared to whose wonderful carvings?

23. Granger stressed this one thought: "You're not important. You're not anything." Why did he espouse such an idea?

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17) The search veered inland bacause Montag hid his scent and escaped.

18) A random pedestrian died in Montag's place.

19) He's being sarcastic, they believed that Montag was dead.

20) No, they can't incriminate themselves bacause any evidence they have is commited to memory.

21) Maybe....... everything is separate and secret.


23) Because in the larger picture individuals are actually insignificant. They're part of the whole, but nothing depends on a single person.


Fahrenheit 451