Everyman: Morality Play

What has Everyman learned from this harsh experience?

from the Play, Everyman

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Everyman learns about personal and absolute judgment - he gains insight into understanding his own life, and he gradually becomes more and more enlightened as he travels on his pilgrimage towards his heavenly reward.



Everyman understand there is life after this world. He also understand that, is only good deeds of a man can save his soul from perishing becouse life in this world is tempral to every creature.

death is inevitable

good deeds are the only thing which will go with you to the grave

Well, the dingo, he ate the dingo while everyone watched. Goods, Pleasures, Beauty and Friends all watched while he ate a dingo.

tO My Father,

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What is now Everyman’s most important concern?


What is Everman’s most important concern?