Everyman: Morality Play

What does the morality play Everyman say about fate and free will?

Develop a short response using examples from the text to support your answer.

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Check out the last paragraph of the link below:



Fate is the power controlling everything that takes place in the world. Free will is the ability to create one’s own destiny without being controlled by fate. The play Everyman shows the power of destiny when it comes to the inevitability of death. Everyman cannot evade the chosen time of his death or exercise his free will to delay it. God has already decided his fate. The character’s folly is that he did not exercise his free will to lead a better life when he had the chance. Instead he gave in to worldly pleasures and has become a slave to the seven deadly sins. The play reinforces the medieval idea that no one can avoid their day of reckoning; however, if a person is willing to repent for his or her sinful deeds, then God will offer forgiveness and a place in heaven.