Everyman: Morality Play

"Both progressive as well as obstructive elements paved the man's enlightment with equal properties". Discuss referring to the morality play-"Everyman"

Discuss referring to the morality play-"Everyman (drama)"

the answer should be an essay type

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I suppose this depends on what you consider progressive and obstructive elements to be. Everyman has to clear his book of reckoning before he can progress to heaven, and one of the things the play considers is how humans will be judged after they have died. God is furious that humans are living a superficial life on earth, focusing on wealth and riches, without worrying about the greater judgment that is to come - and, notably, Everyman's own judgment - his ability to understand his life - becomes gradually more and more enlightened on his pilgrimage towards his heavenly reward. A good place to check out for this is the GradeSaver themes page.