Everyday Use

Everyday Use” or “A Good Man is Hard to Find

Describe how a character in “Everyday Use” or “A Good Man is Hard to Find” handles (or doesn't) forgiveness. Additionally, how might YOU apply the scripture of this “Inspiration” to daily living? What challenges, blessings, personal experiences, and/or insights have you faced in doing so--as both the "forgiver" and the "forgiven"?

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Dee has a lot to ask forgiveness for from Mama and Maggie. She has used them in the past and treated them like children. Dee would read stories to them that she learned at school. For example, just as Mama or Maggie began to understand her readings, Dee would stop reading. Dee preferred to keep them in ignorance. Now Dee returns home and treats them like antiquated artifacts. Dee should really ask forgiveness from her mother and sister instead of acting like a spoiled and arrogant child. I can't really comment on your scripture reference.