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Does this story suggest that there is a personal price for social change- even change for the better? Explain.

Integration and Knowledge and Ideas

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Dee is dismayed that Maggie and her mother would use the quilts everyday, despite their functionality. Dee views the quilts as remnants of a culture that is dying or already dead. Note Alice Walker’s use of both Dee’s given name and her name of reinvention. In this moment, Dee is not Dee, but Wangero - she ceases to understand the heritage in her hands. Dee rejects factory made quilts that Mama offers her: she cannot exploit them. For Mama, the quilts represent both a practical and emotional consciousness that should remain above Dee’s manipulation. Dee holds the desire desire to be a part of a world she was not born into:this is what social change means to Dee. For Mama it is a rejection of her own heritage.