Ethan Frome

What is significant about the spot where Ethan and Mattie have their first kiss? Why is this significant?

I know their first kiss was in the kitchen after Zeena told Ethan that Mattie would have to go, but I don't see how there is any significance there.

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Ethan's passion for Mattie has become more difficult to control. Although a few days ago the thought of kissing Mattie would never have occurred to him, now the desire to do so is becoming irresistible. He once contented himself with fantasies of simply being allowed to stay near her; now, he is thinking about having her physically.After Zeena insists that Mattie must leave the fateful kiss happens in the kitchen. Ethan goes down to eat, but he has no appetite. Mattie keeps asking what's wrong. Instead of answering, Ethan pulls her to him and kisses her. She returns the kiss, but after a moment withdraws. This kitchen is the spot where Ethan and Zeena share their dysfunctional relationship. It is significant because it lacks any sort of passion except when Ethan is with another woman, Mattie.