Ethan Frome

What does Zeena Frome fear?

what are some fears of Zeena Frome?

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Um, pretty much everything. Look at an old dictionary back then under hypochondria and you might see Zeena's picture. Yes I'm being facieses but Zeena was one nutty old lady. I'm not sure what hard core hypochondriacs fear. Is it life or death? Zeena's reason for living seemed to be her various illnesses.Zeena always seemed on the periphery while Mattie and her husband stole lingering glances or moments alone. I guess Ethan had his fantasies about Mattie an old Zeena had her fantasies about tuberculosis or something. Perhaps she feared having a normal life with Ethan. Perhaps she felt unworthy of anything substantial. Whatever Zeena's fears you have to say the end is pretty ironic.

I think she is just scared of being the only one who suffers. She notices when Ethan starts being all neat and all for Mattie. She also doesn't have any friends but her doctors can say they know her pretty well since she is ever with them.I think she is also scared of Mattie bcause she can clearly see how young she is and does not want Ethan to be taken away from her. She doesn't seem so creative and can not really think of kicking both her husband and Mattie out but threatens to kick out only Mattie.


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