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Ethan Frome Summary

I have to find a summary of this book for english class projects, and i dont know where to find a very abbrieviated one (under 2 paragraphs). Could anyone please tell me where to find one?

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Preferably not from Sparknotes, or any affiliates.

I don't know of any summaries of only two paragraphs on Ethan Frome, but you could probably use the GradeSaver ClassicNote short summary and just condense it even more!

Ethan was a young man taking care of his mother until she died. Ethan was afraid of being alone during that winter so he married his mother's nurse Zeena, who was an older woman. They had planned to move to a big city and start a new life. Lack of fertile land and enough money prevented their dreams from coming true. Zeena became sick and Ethan realized he was never getting out of Starkfield. After a while, Zeena stopped complaining because Ethan stopped listening. Their house became silent and cold. All of that changed when Mattie, Zeena's cousin comes to stay with them. She is a young, vibrant woman who brings life to the house.

Ethan ends up falling in love with her. She offers the warm qualities of a relationship that Zeena never showed. Ethan does Mattie's chores around the house for her and sneaks extra time with her. Ethan found a companion who showed interest in him. It was almost like a childhood crush. Zeena is very suspicious of their relationship. The last straw was when Mattie broke the pickle dish while Zeena was away. This was significant because the pickle dish had never been used because it was the nicest thing they owned. Zeena gets rid of Mattie with the excuse that she needs a new nurse and they can't afford to keep both girls. Mattie has no place to go. Ethan stands up to Zeena and insists that he take her to the train. On the way to the train they stop to sleigh ride down a hill. After doing so, Mattie decides that they should commit suicide together that so they would never have to be alone. They attempt to commit suicide by sleighing into a tree. They are unsuccessful but both end up with permanent physical injuries. They end up all living together miserably with Zeena taking care of them.

Those summary, i got it somewhere but i forgot, maybe it's useful and you can make it shorter.