Ethan Frome

Ethan frome (CHAPTER 4)


I would like to have informations,analysis,any worth suggestions about the end of chapter 4 on ethan frome ("They drew their seats(...) until "mastery" )

I have to do an oral presentation about it,I've made a great commentary but I wanted to know If someone has something to add .

Any help will be grrreaat :D

tHank you !

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Whenever I have used Ethan Frome in the classroom, I've asked my students to pay particular attention to the theme of elements and nature. This novel uses nature to the fullest. and its actions often playoff the landscape if you will, encouraging things to happen that otherwise wouldn't have.

For example, if you go back to Chapter 3, you'll see the prelude to Ethan's mother's passing; "pale light reflected from the banks of snow" on her face, making it look "more than usually drawn and bloodless." This image is portrays cold and death.......... and if you look a bit further you'll see this same use of imagery in regards to marriage. Ethan married Zeena as much for the weather as anything, and "He had often thought since that it would not have happened if his mother had died in spring instead of winter."

Chapter four continues this imagery to its fullest. An oral presentation could include visuals of the season and colors matching their emotional representations.


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