Esperanza Rising

What is the quote about the grapes in the preface?

What does Papa say before chapter one?

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Papa is teaching Esperanza the valuable lesson that good things will happen as long as one is patient. At this point, Esperanza does not yet know the struggle that awaits her. She loses her father, her home, and everything she has ever loved. The metaphor of plants and things growing is a recurring theme throughout the book. In this quote, Papa is sharing his love for nature with his daughter, emphasizing that everything goes in cycles. Everything that dies will be reborn again. Later, when Esperanza and Mama move to the United States, their livelihood is dependent on different agricultural cycles.

'Aguántate tantito y la fruta caerá en tu mano.' he said. 'Wait a little while and the fruit will fall into your hand. You must be patient, Esperanza.'"