Esperanza Rising

Compare Esparanza's new life to that of an onion

Las Cebollas

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I think Esperanza discovers that there are layers( like an onion) to life. Often these layers bring tears but they are part of what makes her Esperanza.

Throughout this chapter, Esperanza experiences waves of humiliation but is able to overcome each instance of insecurity with help from those around her. Esperanza feels horrified when she first sees her new living conditions but Mama helps her to see the bright side. Then, Miguel makes her feel better after Marta makes fun of her.

The rhythmic back-and-forth of Esperanza's emotions mimics the cyclical nature of the novel as well as the metaphor of an onion – when bad things happen, it is important to look ahead because good things await in the future. Abuelita promises Esperanza that every low point is followed by something better; and Papa taught her to wait patiently until the fruit falls into her hand.