Enrique's Journey

whats an example of survival and persevance that enrinque had to go through?

like sn example from text that proves survival and persevance.

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As the title of the book suggests, a main theme within the narration is that of the journey. Enrique must travel thousands of miles in order to reach his destination, his mother. His journey is one of suffering and fear, of pain and longing. Through the lens of the author’s narration, we follow in Enrique’s footsteps as he overcomes each obstacle. The physical aspect of his journey challenges his body, as seen during his recovery from the injuries he sustained at the hands of the six men on the train. On his sixteenth birthday, Enrique makes his first attempt to ride atop the trains. He and his friend Jóse leave Honduras on a bus headed to Guatemala, which is near the Mexican border. They eventually cross into Mexico and board a freight train, but are robbed by police officers and then arrested. They are released, and then board another train. For the first time, Enrique jumps from car to car on the slow-moving train. He slips and falls, but luckily lands onto a padded surface. They are caught near Tierra Blanca in Veracruz, and again deported. He and Jóse sell coconuts for bus fare, and then return home. Enrique will try again.