Enrique's Journey

What significant change takes place when Enrique reaches Veracruz

Chapter 4 of Enrique's Journey

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Unlike the people of Chiapas, those of Veracruz and Oaxaca are friendly toward migrants. They shout to signal if police are nearby, giving the migrants time to react. Women and children run along the sides of the train with small bundles, which they throw up as gifts. Enrique receives several loaves of bread from woman and a boy. He is overwhelmed by their generosity.

In fact, residents of Veracruz are known for their kindness. One migrant says, “We could never keep going forward without people like this” (104-105). Although poor themselves, the townspeople give sweaters, clothes, bread, water, lemonade, and more to the migrants as they pass on the trains. Marìa Luisa Mora Martin is over a hundred years old, but she and her daughter regularly throw bags of food and supplies to migrants. Check out the link below for more about Enrique's experience in Veracruz.