Enrique's Journey

What role does El Tirindaro play in Enrique’s quest to be with his mother? How does he take care of Enrique?

Use textual evidence to support your answer.

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El Tiríndaro

A smuggler in Nuevo Laredo who takes Enrique across the border. He is a heroin addict who bribes local police officers so he can make money smuggling. He was killed in 2002.

Enrique, known in the encampment as El Hongo (the mushroom) because of his shyness, continues to explore options as he lives under the protection of El Tiríndaro, who considers him a potential customer for smuggling. For $1,200, El Tiríndaro can not only get a migrant across the river, but also set him up with a smuggling operation that will get him further into the country. Luckily, many migrants in the camp look after him because of his age, which allows him to explore options. Each night, when he leaves to wash cars, he is scared to be outside of their protection.

Unfortunately, Enrique is not making enough money for phone cards, and feels guilty when he uses his meager savings on food. El Tiríndaro helps Enrique by taking him to sell the clothing left behind on the riverbank by migrants. Finally, Enrique saves enough to buy two phone cards. To celebrate, he gets a tattoo which reads “EnriqueLourdes” across his chest.