Enrique's Journey

Journey of Enrique

What part of the trip to America was most dangerous for Enr. and others?

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Train travel was likely the most dangerous part of Enrique's journey into the United States.The dangers of the trains are many, and include both physical and emotional struggles. Not only are the trains themselves dangerous, but migrants who travel on them must also overcome an onslaught of opposition. For instance, migrants can get pulled under the wheels while boarding the moving train, which can cause dismemberment or death. Others fall off the train while it is in motion. Gangs rule the train tops, robbing, beating, killing, and raping as they please. Migrants are also targeted by corrupt police and immigration authorities. Further, all decisions must be tempered by an ever-present threat of deportation. Both female and male migrants are in continual danger of rape. Migrants suffer from starvation and dehydration, and are unable to go to the bathroom for long periods of time. Children are often kidnapped by gangs or bandits for ransom money if they have a parent in the United States. Finally, all of this causes great emotional hurdles - there are so many reasons to turn back or seek deportation that only the strongest can persevere.