Enrique's Journey

Imagine you are Enrique and write a letter to Maria Isabel warning her of the dangers of this journey.

Maria Isabel doesn’t feel well, forcing her to quit night school. She loses weight. What if she is pregnant and Enrique dies trying to make it to his mother?A friend offers a solution. The two of them will journey to the United States together.Maybe, the friend says, they will find Enrique as they make their way through Mexico. Maria Isabel has no money . Her friend , who works at the clothing store , says she has cash. She has saved 10,000 lempiras, roughly $570. It’s not enough to hire a smuggler. But if Maria Isabel will accompany her north, the friend says, she will share it . “ We’ll be happier there. There, we’ll have everything,” the friend says. ( Nazario 56) Maria Isabel has made a dangerous decision to join Enrique on his journey to the United States.Give specific examples ( textual evidence) from your ( Enrique’s) experiences to persuade her to stay in Honduras.

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