Enrique's Journey

discuss the role of faith in chapter 5

what happens in it that makes faith real?

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Did you mean faith as in religious faith or faith that he will see his mother again?

1. The migrants - their faith fueled them with energy to go north no matter how dangerous situations that they had to face in the journey. Their prayer comforted them when they were lonely, frigtened, even helpless.

2. The people living along the rail in the states Osxaca and Veracruz - the teaching they learned from bible told them to help the needy pg.106. On the other hand, in the church, the priest and bisop educated those churchgoers the reason why the migrants going north and how much they suffered from the journey, and told the churchgoers that "being a good Christian menas being a good Samaritan" pg.107. They should give a hand to the migrants when they need.

3. Even the police, after they robbed the migrants, they handed over the bible to them.