Enrique's Journey

Describe Chiapas ?

Enriques Journey

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The southern state of Chiapas is what migrants call la bestia or “the beast.” It is one of the most dangerous sections of Mexico for migrants. Authority figures can be brutal, Enrique has been robbed here before. The people dislike migrants in this area as well. Enrique wears a cap which reads “No Fear,” he presses on.

Like others, he waits in a cemetery for the next train. The scene in the cemetery, when Enrique is caught by police and later when he hides atop a mausoleum illustrates an interesting juxtaposition within the story. The migrants lay on top of graves, near not only the dead but near sights of rape, attack, and murder. The migrants themselves are hunted like animals, their deaths are sometimes undocumented, as if they had never existed at all.

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