What board game is Endgame based on?

need help, this website says chess but it doesnt tell me the roles or the pieces that could be attached to the characters of the book and the purpose of the characters and that compared chess piece. please help....

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The endgame is the last few moves of the chess game, regardless of what pieces are left. Usually it is when it becomes obvious that one side is going to win because of their position on the board. The word "endgame" can also refer to the final process of a series of events, which is how it functions as an analogy to the play as a whole.

Hamm can be considered a representation of the KING as he is obbsessive about being in the centre of the stage and through the way that Beckett portrays him : head ware, costume, grand chair. He is also served by Clov (regarded as the KNIGHT) a inferior servile character whos jaunty gaint of movement mimics that of a KNIGHT (L-shaped move)