Ender's Game

What page does it say why Ender's a Third

the government only allows a family of 4 but the government wanted a 5th member. Where in the book does it explain this and why did the government order another child.

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Go to page 15...... this is where Ender's father talks about the fact the government allowed them a third child. The governement allowed them another child (actually told them to have another) because their children were so intelligent (Dad uses the word fantastic).

Pages are different from copy to copy but this sounds like it is from Chapter one. Do a quick scan and check it out.

Its not in the first chapter

Actually I found it, Its on Page 20 chapter 3. "Your son has been cleared by the IF Selective Service. Of course we already have your consent, granted in writing at the time conception was confirmed, or he could not have been born. He has been ours from then" - colonel Graff. It says that they had confidence in Ender's mom and father's genes but wanted another one just in case.


The book http://www.dillgroup.ucsf.edu/~grocklin/pdfbooks/ender's%20game.pdf

Thanks for the help!!!