Ender's Game

What is the "just living" mentioned in this chapter? Is it true that ender has never done this? How would you feel if you were he?

Your opinion but I just wanna hear your side ;)

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"Just living" speaks to the boys and Petra having a normal childhood maturing in their own way. Ender simply lost touch with his childhood and his innocence,

"He couldn't imaging what just living might actually be. He had never done it in his entire life."

Really Ender had never had a normal childhood. Between being stalked by his sociopathic brother Peter or being bullied at school, Ender could seldom be just himself. I suppose I might feel the same way as Ender in a similar circumstance. To be honest Card's concept of a six-year old attending battle school was always

problematic for me. Six years old puts Ender in grade one. I know many grade ones who have bathroom accidents and cannot interpret simple tasks let alone attending a space-age battle school.