Ender's Game

what does the following statement reveal about the I.F.?

"if ender usn't the one, if his peak military brilliance does not coincide with the arrival of our fleet ar the bugger homeworlds, then it doesn't really matter what our training method is or isn't"

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Military brilliance, training, ect., throughout the entire novel (or the trilogy) makes no difference as Ender is ultimately the ONE who will determine everyone's fate. Ender is the Chosen one; Card likens this novel to Christinity, if you read closely you will see the parallels between the novel and the Bible. The question on everyone's minds is whether or not they are correct in their belief that Ender is indeed the ONE destined to save them from EVIL. The comment simply means that if they were incorrect about Ender, nothing they've done will matter.

Read the trilogy, this is one of my favorites............ maybe the favorite in this genre.


Enders Game