Ender's Game

What are two examples of irony in this chapter?

In class, there is a question about this chapter asking for two types of irony, it would really help me if you could answer quickly!!! thank you!

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One example of irony has to do with the Buggers. The irony happens throughout the whole book and makes an impact at the end. The humans have been training kids and spending so much on these kids to prepare them to kill the buggers and defend an attack. They do it and destroy the buggers so they believe they have been saved. However the Buggers were never going to attack again in the first place, they realized they should leave the humans alone so they did. Unfortunately that didn’t end so well. The second case is how Ender rises to a hero known around the world. He was just a bullied kid who was a bit of an outcast, but intelligent. However unlike what is normally expected he learns at battle school and saves all of humanity, becoming a hero.