Ender's Game

What are the important plot complications in this chapter (9)?

Ender's Game.... Please help Quick!!!

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The fantasy game at the beginning of Chapter 9 has outrun the ability of humans to manipulate or control it. Major Imbu cannot tell Graff what the "End of the World" means or why Peter's face has been showing up in Ender's mirror.

At the room in the castle at the End of the World, Ender realizes that the sour taste that had come to him was despair. At this point, Ender has lost all hope, all desire to keep striving at Battle School. There is no one to pick him up or remind him why he works as hard as he does. No one reminds him that his life matters--that he is going to save the world. Most importantly, no one is his friend, because everyone is too busy being his student or his teacher. Ender is living inside a huge training game, and he has had enough of it. It is not the life he wants.