Ender's Game

Is Ender more like Peter or Valentine?

Use specific examples from the book to prove

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I think he is more like Peter because he's always takes violence an extra step, making him "ruthless" like Peter. But at the same time his ultimate goal is always good. ender also regrets his actions after he is done and asks himself why he is like Peter.


the book

Ender is much more like his sister Valentine. Much of the opening of the book is about Ender's close bond with his sister. They play checkers and explore together. Peter is a socio-path in the making. Ender and Valentine are both sensitive kids while Peter enjoys hurting small animals.

Ender is a mix between them. When they went to his house they clearly state that the goverment wanted him a mix because Peter was too mean and valintine was too nice.



Ender is equally alike to his sister and brother, if he was more like one of them, they wouldn't have chosen him for the army. Valentine+ Peter= Ender