Ender's Game

How is Graff manipulative?

In need of a quote from chapters 7-10 of Graff being manipulative. 

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The opening conversation is between Major Anderson and Graff. Graff tells Anderson to think of every possible way to alter the battleroom--unfair positioning of stars, uneven forces, late notification--to force Ender to become the best commander he can be within the shortest amount of time. Graff manipulates both Ender and his environment to achieve victory in the Bugger war. There is thought but into Ender's personal and psychological well being. In Chapter 10, Ender is again manipulated. Graff and Anderson discuss their plan to promote Ender to commander at age 9, even though most students must wait until age 11. They sadly perceive that now that Ender is finally happy, they will ruin him again--for the sake of saving the world.