Ender's Game

How do you know Ender lacks faith in adults and has negative feelings for them?

Enders Game Ch. 1 &2

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It is evident that Ender lacks feeling for adults and has negative feelings towards them. It begins with his parents upon his being departed to "Battle School". Ender's emotional being is wrapped up in his sister. She is who he misses, longs for, and wonders about. She is the one who holds him to reality. When Ender returned to earth, he did not request to see his parents and to that matter not even his sister or brother; however, he finally allowed his sister into his world after a time of isolation on the lake. Ender also is compelled to believe his fellow students on the ship. Dink clearly tells himt that the buggers are not the enemy instead the teachers are. Ender takes this statment to heart and never allows an adult/teacher to get near to him. He always views them as trying to get him to do something for them. Ender lets them pertend to be kind but secretly knows it is only a means to get him to comply and "play the game".


Ender's Game