Ender's Game

how do you COMPARE drink game to Enders childhood?

i still dont understand it help!

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Well I really think it is about choices. Which drink should Ender take? Both seem to lead to consequences. Ender had to chose to go to battle school or not go to battle school. If he stayed home, he would continue to be harassed at school and be at the mercy of his socio-pathic brother. Going to battle school meant a loss of identity and innocence. It also meant a new world of cut-throat violence. Like the drinks, it seemed a no-win situation.

There's nothing specific to tell us why Ender is so determined to get past that point in the game, although it might directly corelate with his determination to move past other obstacles at the Battle School. The repetitive attempts to "beat" the game do get his techers' attention though; it does get him noticed.

This question seems to be asking for more opinion more than textual evidence. Go with your gut feelings.


Ender's Game

Ender's decision to finally attack the giant wins him the game entering him into Fairyland. Ender, however, isn't happy. The only way to win was to kill someone else. Similarly Peter, his socio-pathic brother, felt the only way to win was by harming someone else. Ender hated this.

On another note; you're supposed to compare this to Ender's childhood? He's six years old, that's not much to compare with.

THat is what I found rather silly about the book. The boys are way to young to possibly comprehend the ideas in the story.