Ender's Game


I would like a definition for Stratego, Hedgemony, Warsaw pact etc.

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The Strategos and Hegemon are both earthly leaders whose roles are separate. Peter Wiggin ultimately becomes the Hegemon while Ender is stuck in space. The very work, hegemon, derived from hegemony or "rulership over" connotes leadership.

The Warsaw Pact is the first pact made by the nations of earth to unify and try to defeat the buggers. Throughout Ender's Game earthly politics play a significant role in determining how earth will be ruled after the aliens are defeated. This is in contrast to the harmony that seems to reign on the space station where all the children train.

I would love it if someone would clarify the last chapter. I was not paying a lot of attention and it gets cind of confusing with the whole alein egg thing in the tower lol