Ender's Game

Enders game chapters 12-15

why wont the adults save ender from bonzo? Does ender think they will save him from real danger?

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Throughout the novel, Graff and the other officers of the International Fleet are running a delicate balance between pushing Ender to the edge and pushing him over it, and at this point, Ender's reaction to his final battle at the school shows that he has finally been pushed over the edge.

When Major Imbu tells Anderson that he thinks Ender is scary, Anderson replies, "Ender Wiggin isn't a killer. He just wins-thoroughly. If anyone's going to be scared, let it be the buggers." This statement is important because it sums up almost everything that the teachers have wanted Ender to be. Anderson sees that Ender hates hurting people but is willing to act decisively in order to protect himself. This outlook will be vital if he is going to win decisively against the buggers.