Ender's Game

Ender's Game

Describe Graff

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Colonel Graff

Colonel Graff is the head of Battle School until he travels with Ender to Command School. He personally invites Ender to go to Battle School, and he feels a special affection for our protagonist, despite the fact that he isolates Ender and often causes him pain and frustration. Graff is the one who decides not to step in when Stilson and Bonzo attack Ender and then are beaten and killed by Ender in return, and while he later is court-marshaled for this, he is acquitted. It is clear that Graff is doing everything he can to make sure that Ender develops in the right way. Graff tricks Ender into fighting against the buggers by using Mazer Rackham to make him believe that the battles are all just simulations like the many games that have been used in his training.