Ender's Game

Ender is given Dragon army. What is the significance of this?

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Ender becomes commander of a reconstituted army called Dragon, which had been known for poor scores. Ender's soldiers are mainly young and inexperienced soldiers. When Ender arrives at his army's barracks, he immediately goes to work forming them into a respectable force. He hustles them out the door to practice after just three minutes, despite the fact that some of the boys are still naked.

Ender trains them to jump quickly into the battleroom, and he reminds them to think of the enemy gate as down. One small child, Bean, is very smart and takes the training well. This situation reminds Ender of his own experience, and it seems to him that he is isolating Bean just as Ender himself was isolated before. After practice, Bean corners Ender and says in Ender-like fashion, "I can be the best man you've got, but don't play games with me ... Or I'll be the worst man you've got. One or the other." Bean and Ender share a conversation characterized by respect, though Ender hides his respect for Bean. He senses that he is becoming mean like Bonzo: "Everything I hated in a commander, and I'm doing it."