Ender's Game

describe ender's leadership style.

chapter 11

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“Most armies practiced mass maneuvers, preformed strategies. Ender had none. Instead he trained his toon leaders to use their small units effectively in achieving limited goals. Unsupported, alone, on their own initiative. He staged mock wars after the first week, savage affairs in the practice room that left everybody exhausted. But he knew, with less than a month of training, that his army had the potential of being the best fighting group ever to play the game.”

Ender thinks outside of the box, and that is what makes him such a great leader. He's innovative and is not afraid to experiment........ that what gives his army the edge. In addition, he expects and helps his soldiers to be able to analyze and make decisions independently.

“So it was from the buggers, not the humans, that Ender learned strategy. He felt ashamed and afraid of learning from them, since they were the most terrible enemy, ugly and murderous and loathsome. But they were also very good at what they did. To a point… …They never did anything surprising, anything that seemed to show either brilliance or stupidity in a subordinate officer.”

Ender paid attention to everything and set his mind to learning from everything he experienced. He didn't believe in accidents, but rather that everything we experience is meant to provide us with a better understanding.

This small section shows that Ender knows there's always more to learn and that we can learn from anyone. He watches the buggers, analyzes their actions, and because of this learns strategy and planning. Ender does this regularly, he respects people for their knowledge no matter who (what) they are, or how he feels about them.


Ender's Game