Ender's Game

Chapter 15-Speaker For The Dead

Why did Val (using her Demosthenes persona) make it so that Ender could not go back to Earth? What is her plan? What is Ender's objection to it?

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Demosthenes has taken himself off the nets. Demosthenes explained to Locke that Ender could not realistically be brought back to Earth, while in public, Locke was the one saying that Ender should remain on Eros while Demosthenes was clamoring for Ender's return. Anderson realizes that Graff knows who both of them are, but Graff refuses to tell him. Finally, Graff says that the Ministry of Colonization is really going to move forward, so the population laws are going to be repealed and the Thirds, Fourths, Fifths, and so on will travel to new colonies on other worlds.

One day, Valentine is one of the colonists, and she says that she wants him to go with her. She notes that she is the one who kept him from being allowed back home, explaining that Peter would have used him to put Ender and ultimately the Earth under Peter's control (Peter revealing himself to the world as Ender's brother and as Locke). Valentine convinces Ender to travel with her, and Graff is to announce that Demosthenes believes so strongly in the colonization effort that he is going to be on the first colony ship, which will be piloted by Mazer Rackham and governed by Ender Wiggin. Ender says that he is going not because of her or Peter but because he "knows the buggers better than any other living soul," and perhaps if he sees their worlds he will better understand them.