Ender's Game

Chapter 15- Speaker for the Dead

This chapter begins with another dialogue, only this time it's presented as a regular narrative. Why has the style changed? What important changes are about to take place on Earth?

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The chapter opens with a conversation between Graff and Anderson, but the typeface is part of the "open" rather than "secret" text. They discuss what they are going to do now that the wars are over; Anderson has been offered a job as Commissioner of a football league, and Graff is the new Minister of Colonization for the Hegemony. They also talk about Demosthenes and Locke. Demosthenes has taken himself off the nets. Demosthenes explained to Locke that Ender could not realistically be brought back to Earth, while in public, Locke was the one saying that Ender should remain on Eros while Demosthenes was clamoring for Ender's return. Anderson realizes that Graff knows who both of them are, but Graff refuses to tell him. Finally, Graff says that the Ministry of Colonization is really going to move forward, so the population laws are going to be repealed and the Thirds, Fourths, Fifths, and so on will travel to new colonies on other worlds.