Ender's Game

Chapter 14

How did Mazer Rackham defeat the buggers in the Second Invasion?

What was the purpose of the First Invasion? The Second Invasion? The Third Invasion?

 What/Who is Dr. Device?

 Who are Ender’s squad leaders when he begins training with Mazer Rackham?

What, according to Mazer, are Enders’s advantages and disadvantages when he faces the bugger fleet?

 “But as their trust in Ender as a commander grew their friendship…gradually disappeared…Ender was their teacher and commander, as distant from them as Mazer was from him.” Why must Ender be isolated from his friends? What dangers could arise from having “friendship” with those you must lead?

Describe Ender’s “final examination.” How does Ender win? How is this victory like every other victory he has ever had? What does Ender discover after it is done? Were you surprised?

 Now that you know it all, think about how Ender was guided to this point. How do you feel for Ender? Why?


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