Ender's Game

Chapter 13 Of Enders Game

During Ender and Graff's voyage to command school yheg discuss the buggers in great detail. What do we learn about the buggers in this Chapter ?

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During the three-month flight to Eros, Graff and Ender talk about everything from Command School to Earth, to astronomy, physics, and most importantly the buggers, although Graff does not know much about them. They speak mind to mind, instantaneously. This ability taught the humans that it was possible, and they thus built a machine called an ansible which, according to Graff, means that "ships could talk to each other even when they're across the galaxy." Graff tells Ender explicitly that the humans are the Third Invasion, with ships that were sent out as soon as they had a working ansible. En route to attack the buggers' homeworlds, they all will be at their targets within the next five years and within a couple of months of each other.

On Eros, Ender asks Graff why he thinks that they are fighting the buggers. Graff says that he thinks that since the buggers have no need for language due to their communication style, the humans and the buggers could never understand each other or communicate. Graff adds that no one knows for sure if the buggers might attack again, but if somebody has to be destroyed, they want it to be the buggers, not humankind.